Hello! My name is Pirin (aka @followthebelly). I love to eat, drink, travel, hike and explore! I have lived in LA for pretty much my whole life and I hope you enjoy getting a glimpse of my many adventures.
Rain Room at LACMA
I love LA because it is so diverse and always growing. In this picture...I have no idea what I'm doing besides the fact that I'm NOT getting drenched at the Rain Room at LACMA! A lot of exhibits come and go at the museums in LA, and this by far is one of my favorites!
The Original Hoy Ka - Hollywood
Being Thai...Everyone would ask, "Where is your favorite Thai restaurant?" I would always draw a blank because nothing compares to my mother's cooking...until recently. I came across this place called Hoy Ka which means "Dangling Feet." I love this place because they have Guay Jup noodles, which I have never seen on any menu at any Thai Restaurant. It's my favorite noodle soup that my mom makes me. Their Thai Sausage is really good as well, which is something I always try at the Thai restaurants that I go to. Also pictured is the crunchy pork over rice and the pad thai noodles, which were very tasty as well.
The Skyline
This is my favorite view of the LA Skyline. Beautiful right?! It's one of those spots that you find on accident. It's located in a hilly neighborhood directly behind Dodger Stadium. So if you ever get bored, just drive around and see if you can find it!
Blue Velvet Cake from Milk in Silverlake! One of my favorite places to go get some sweets. This cake tastes like blueberries and the frosting isn't too sweet. They also have a selection of different flavors of ice cream (chili mango lime!) and macaron ice cream sandwiches (fruity pebbles!!!).
Who can say no to In n Out? Especially when you're driving by and you get a good whiff of its deliciousness. I don't know why its so exciting to order from their not-so-secret menu. I'm pretty sure I eat at here once a week because there are so many close to me now. Just seeing the building makes me salivate! Haha! Pictured here: Animal Style Cheese Burger with Well Done Fries & a Double-Double Animal Style with Well Done Animal Style fries.
Blu Jam Cafe
I love brunch! One of my favorite hashtags: #bitcheslovebrunch. My favorite place to eat brunch is at Blu Jam Cafe. Everything I've tried on their menu is pretty good, but this Crunchy French Toast is my favorite. Just to warn you, they don't take reservations so wait times could be pretty long..come early!
The Grove
The Grove of Los Angeles consists of: Retail therapy + farmers market + bars and restaurants + movie theatre + grassy area + seasonal decorations! If that doesn't make your day then I don't know what will.
Sonny's Hideaway
This bar/restaurant makes specialty drinks, and the holiday season is the best time to try their new concoctions. I usually love amaretto sours, but they didn't have it when I went so they made me a brandy sour instead. I think I like this more!
Public School 213
Mac and Cheese is one thing I can't live without. I don't know how many friends of mine send me their mac and cheese pictures just to make me jealous. So of course I had to share with you my favorite place for this comfort classic (and drink...and have brunch...). Public School 213's mac and cheese is cheesy with spinach and very flavorful chorizo sausage topped with house-made potato chips. Now I'm craving mac and cheese.
Angelini Osteria
I love pasta and this is the best lasagna I've ever had. Fun fact: Giada de Laurentiis from the Food Network loves the lasagna here also. On one of her shows, she spoke about how she dreams about the Lasagna Verde from here. I totally agree...I could eat this all day! When you sit down and take a bite out of this light dish you are having a euphoric moment.
Dodger Stadium
Summer nights at Dodger Stadium for me means watching the game, eating a Dodger Dog with garlic fries, and spending time with family and friends (old and new). Don't forget to stay until the end for their beautiful summer fireworks show!
The Hollywood Bowl
I love music and I love the Hollywood Bowl! This is my favorite venue for concerts and shows. They have convenient shuttles from plenty of locations that take you to and from the Bowl. The food and drinks there are great as well. This picture is from Above & Beyond's acoustic show. They gave everyone light up bracelets that synchronized with the show to make it very beautiful and dramatic.
The Hollywood Sign Hike
One thing I love about LA is that we can hike in the forest and get a beautiful view of the city. Its a nice way to exercise with nature and find your way to a beautiful view. The Hollywood Sign hike can be a climb, but getting to the top is totally worth the effort.
I found this little gem after visiting The Broad museum. Well, it's actually apart of the Broad. This restaurant is as beautiful as the museum itself! I love that you can watch the chefs cook with their open kitchen layout. Pictured here is their foie gras funnel cake. I don't even know how to explain how scrumptious and beautiful this was. I'll just let the picture do the talking.